A major outage at content delivery network Cloudflare caused hundreds of websites across the internet to stop working and return a ‘500 Internal Server error’ message this morning

A major outage at content delivery network Cloudflare caused hundreds of websites across the internet to stop working and return a ‘500 Internal Server error’ message this morning. 

A content delivery network (CDN) is a distributed group of severs around the world that work in unison. Websites use these CDNs to deliver content from the cloud safely and as quickly as possible. 

Cloudflare is the most popular content delivery network by some margin, with around 10 per cent of all requests on the internet running through its servers. 

Websites affected by the and may have been affected by the issue, but it was also facing a surge in demand for journey information on the first day of rail strikes across Britain. 

Cloudflare acknowledged the issue in an update on its official account.

‘The Cloudflare team is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve as quickly as possible,’ it stated.

The company implemented a fix at 08.20 BST (03:20 EDT) and posted an update on its service status page at 09:06 BST (04:06 EDT) claiming to have resolved the issue. 

Cloudflare acknowledged the issue in an update on its official Twitter account

Websites affected include Discord, Shopify, Fitbit, Peloton, Grindr, Ring, bet365, Google, NordVPN, JustEat and Ladbrokes, according to Downdetector.

The outage prompted many internet users to express their distress about ‘large chunks of the internet’ returning a 500 Internal Server Error message on social media. 

‘Did the internet just go down? Getting a 500 internal server error across several websites,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘Downdetector is down, Discord is down, League of Legends Servers are down, Valorant is down. Huge internet outage happening,’ wrote another.

‘Half the internet is down because of some cloudflare issue giving a 500 server internal nginx error.

Pingu is taking over the world as we speak. Twitter is next. It’s over folks. Noot noot,’ wrote another.

‘And you thought the train strike was bad…’ said cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley.

‘When many websites are reliant on a single technology, there’s always the risk it may be a single point of failure.’

Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security told MailOnline: ‘There seems to be a problem with Cloudflare and a fix is being implemented but in the meantime users may be frustrated with the amount of services offline. 

‘It just goes to show how the majority of the internet still funnels through a small series of lines which puts major pressure on these platforms which are designed to offer protection and reliability. 

‘When problems occur, havoc can erupt in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, these are becoming more commonplace.’

Internet users took to Twitter to express their distress about ‘large chunks of the internet’ returning a 505 Internal Server Error

Moore explained: ‘Each request from a browser responds with a status.

When you visit a website and are met with a 500 Internal Server error message, it means there is a problem with the website. 

‘Usually no information is offered as to why but in more and more cases these days the problem lies with the content delivery network. 

‘CDNs are battling increasing traffic which is often the cause of outages.’ 

Cloudflare was quick to identify the issue and implement a fix. 

John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, said on a that it was not a worldwide outage, but ‘a lot of places’ were impacted.

‘Problem with our backbone.

We know what. Rollbacks etc. happening,’ he said.

The company has now published a  on its blog, stating that the outage affected traffic in 19 of its data centres, which together handle a significant proportion of its global traffic.

These data centres are located in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ashburn, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Miami, Milan, Mumbai, Newark, Osaka, São Paulo, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo.

In a statement sent to MailOnline this afternoon, Cloudflare confirmed that the outage ‘was not the result of an attack’. 

‘A network change in some of our data centres caused a portion of our network to be unavailable,’ a Cloudflare spokesperson said. 

‘Due to the nature of the incident, customers may have had difficulty reaching websites and services that rely on Cloudflare from approximately 0628-0720 UTC. 

‘Cloudflare was working on a fix within minutes, and the network is running normally now.’

ANALYSIS-Record numbers of Chinese graduates enter worst job market…

By Martin Quin Pollard

BEIJING, June 23 (Reuters) – Jenny Bai was among 10 high-performing computer science students from different Chinese universities selected by a Beijing-based internet firm for a job upon graduation, following four rounds of arduous interviews.

But last month, the company told the students their contract offers were cancelled due to COVID-19 headwinds and the bad state of the economy in general – obstacles facing a record 10.8 million Chinese university graduates this summer.

“I’m worried,” said Bai, who graduated this month and did not want to name the firm to stay on good terms.

“If I can’t find a job, I’m not sure what I’ll do.”

China’s COVID restrictions have battered an economy already slowing due to a property market downturn, geopolitical worries and regulatory crackdowns on tech, education, and other sectors.

A cohort of graduates larger than the entire population of Portugal is about to enter one of China’s worst job markets in decades at a time when youth unemployment is already more than three times China’s overall joblessness rate, at a record 18.4%.

There is no script for how such high youth unemployment will affect Chinese society.

Struggling to find jobs goes against what educated young people have come to expect after decades of breakneck growth, and is awkward for China’s stability-obsessed Communist Party, especially in a year when President Xi Jinping is expected to secure a precedent-breaking third leadership term.

“The social contract between the government and the people was you stay out of politics and we will guarantee that every year you’ll do better than last year,” said Michael Pettis, Professor of Finance at Peking University.

“So the concern is that once that guarantee breaks apart, what else has to change?”


Premier Li Keqiang has said stabilising the job market for graduates is a top government priority.

If you have almost any queries relating to where by as well as the way to use https://studydance.me, you possibly can contact us in our own web-site. Companies granting internship posts to new graduates will receive subsidies, on top of other perks aimed at boosting employment in general.

Some regional governments have offered cheap loans to graduates looking to launch their own businesses. State-backed firms are expected to pick up some of the slack in private sector entry-level jobs.

Rockee Zhang, Managing Director for Greater China at recruitment firm Randstad, says China’s entry-level jobs market was worse even than during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, estimating new jobs falling 20-30% from last year.

“This year is a low point, the lowest I´ve seen,” said Zhang, who has been a recruiter for two decades.

Expected salaries are also 6.2% lower, according to Zhilian Zhaopin, another recruitment firm.

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Education did not respond to requests for comment.

The tech sector has been a significant employer of many Chinese graduates, but this year the industry is trimming its workforce, recruiters say.

A regulatory crackdown prompted many of China’s tech giants including Tencent and Alibaba to make massive job cuts.

A combined total of tens of thousands have lost their jobs in the sector this year, five tech industry sources told Reuters.

Job cuts varied among China’s roughly ten biggest tech companies, but almost all cut at least 10% of their staff, with some, including iQIYI cutting far more, according to a report published in April by Shanghai-based Talent Assessment and Management Consulting group NormStar.

The companies did not respond to requests for comment.

In April, a nine-month freeze on online gaming licenses over violent content and other issues was lifted, during which time 14,000 firms in the industry shut.

Private education, another sector which drew regulatory scrutiny, parted with tens of thousands of workers as well.

The largest firm in the industry, New Oriental, has announced 60,000 layoffs.

New hiring is slow. A human resources manager at a Tencent business unit, who asked not to be named as they were not allowed to speak to the media, said they were looking to hire “a few dozen” new graduates, compared with about 200 a year previously.

“Internet companies have cut tonnes of jobs,” said Julia Zhu of recruitment firm Robert Walters.
“If they have the financial resources to bring people in they are now opting for more experienced candidates rather than fresh graduates.”

Jason Wang, a Beijing-based headhunter who has worked mostly with tech companies in recent years, is now recruiting mainly for state-backed telecommunication firms.

“The golden age of internet companies´ hiring sprees has ended,” Wang said.

In China, being jobless for some time after graduation is typically frowned upon by employers.

Many families see it as a humiliation rather than bad luck with the economy.

Taking blue-collar jobs after getting a university degree also often draws disapproval, so to avoid long gaps in their CVs, record numbers are applying for post-graduate studies, official data show.

Vicente Yu graduated in 2021 but has been unemployed since losing his job at a media company late last year.

His savings will cover another month or two of rent and basic expenses in the southern city of Guangzhou.

“My dad said you should never come home again, he said he should have raised a dog instead of me,” said the 21-year-old, who has been struggling with anxiety and sleep problems.

He spends his nights on social media platforms, where he finds other young people in similar situations.

“I look at all those people who are like me, who couldn’t find a job, and get some solace from it.”

(Additional reporting by Ellen Zhang, Yingzhi Yang, Brenda Goh, Sophie Yu and the Beijing Newsroom; Editing by Marius Zaharia and Lincoln Feast)

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Macau shuts most businesses amid COVID outbreak, casinos stay open

HONG KONG, June 20 (Reuters) – The world’s biggest gambling hub Macau began its second day of mass COVID-19 testing on Monday after dozens of locally transmitted cases were discovered over the weekend, with most businesses shut but casinos remaining open.

The testing of Macau’s roughly 600,000 residents is expected to end on Tuesday as the Chinese-ruled former Portuguese colony adheres to China’s “zero COVID” policy aiming to eradicate all outbreaks at just about any cost.

Most residents are asked to stay home, restaurants will be shut for dine-in and border restrictions have been tightened, meaning casino revenue is likely to be close to zero for at least a week and likely the coming weeks, analysts said.

Shares of Macau casinos tumbled on Monday morning with Sands China leading the slide falling over 8% the biggest decline since March 15.

MGM China, Wynn Macau, Galaxy Entertainment, Melco and SJM Holdings dropped between 4%-7%.

Macau’s government relies on casinos for over 80% of its income, with most of the population employed directly or indirectly by the casino industry.

The latest outbreak came suddenly and has been spreading rapidly with the source still unknown, Macau’s chief executive Ho Iat Seng said in a statement on the government’s website.

Macau’s previous coronavirus outbreak was in October last year.

If you cherished this posting and you would like to obtain additional information regarding rtp slot gacor kindly visit the website. An outbreak in the neighbouring Chinese territory of Hong Kong this year saw more than 1 million confirmed infections, and more than 9,000 deaths, swamping hospitals and public services.

While Hong Kong has seen an increase to over 1,000 daily cases in the past week, officials have said they are unlikely to further tighten restrictions as the pressure on medical services has not increased.

Macau only has one public hospital and its services are already stretched on a daily basis.

The territory’s swift plan to test its entire population comes as it keeps open the border with mainland China, with many residents living and working in the neighbouring Chinese city Zhuhai.

China in contrast has not opened its borders to Hong Kong, with the financial hub largely isolated from the mainland and the international world.

Macau’s legislature is this week due to approve an amended gaming law which will lay the groundwork for what is required from the multibillion dollar casino operators to continue operating.

“Depending on how quickly Macau is able to get the newest outbreak under control, there is risk of delay to finalisation of the gaming law amendments and subsequent concession tender process,” said Vitaly Umansky, analyst at Sanford C Bernstein.

(Reporting by Farah Master; Editing by Michael Perry and Stephen Coates)

Crackdown on online gambling will hit sales, warns betting group 888

888 is next month completing its £2.1bn takeover of William Hill’s UK business

A Government crackdown on online gambling will hit sales, a major betting group warned yesterday.

888, which offers gaming and sports betting and is next month completing its £2.1billion takeover of William Hill’s UK business, said revenue in the six months to July will be between £330million and £335million, down from £433million last year.

The warning came ahead of a White Paper on gambling, expected this month, which will update the 2005 Gambling Act to regulate the online market. 

Measures are expected to include affordability checks and maximum stakes.

888 said sales will also take an £8million hit following its temporary exit from the Netherlands while it applies for a licence in the newly regulated market.

And, adding to its woes, the firm is struggling with a sector-wide post-lockdown slump after online gaming boomed through the pandemic. 

888’s shares have fallen 57.5 per cent in the past year.


Taiwan Tells Agencies Not To Use Zoom On Security Grounds

April 7 (Reuters) – Taiwan’s cabinet has informed government businesses to cease using Zoom Video Communications Inc’s conferencing app, the most recent blow to the company as it battles criticism of its booming platform over privateness and safety. Zoom’s every day customers ballooned to greater than 200 million in March, as coronavirus-induced shutdowns compelled staff to earn a living from home and schools switched to the corporate’s free app for conducting and coordinating online courses. However, the company is going through a backlash from customers nervous concerning the lack of finish-to-finish encryption of assembly classes and “zoombombing”, where uninvited company crash into conferences. If government businesses should hold video conferencing, they “mustn’t use merchandise with safety concerns, like Zoom”, Taiwan’s cabinet said in a statement on Tuesday. It did not elaborate on what the security considerations had been. The island’s education ministry later stated it was banning using Zoom in colleges. Zoom did not immediately respond to requests for comment. Taiwan could be the first authorities formally advising against use of Zoom, though some U.S. FBI warning final month. Zoom competes with Microsoft’s Teams, Cisco’s Webex and Google’s Hangouts. Taiwan’s cabinet mentioned domestically-made conferencing apps were most well-liked, but when needed products from Google and Microsoft is also considered. Zoom’s shares dipped 1% in premarket buying and selling on the Nasdaq. They have lost nearly a third of their market worth since touching report highs late March.

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