Men's Health magazine is mocked for pushing term 'gynosexual'

The New York Times has been ridiculed for a fawning article describing Joe Biden as ‘sharp and fit’ and praising his ‘striking stamina’ just days after his latest fall.


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Jackson added: ‘To think that this man thinks he can be president at the age of 86 when he’s 80 right now [and] could be in office for another six years is just malpractice on part of the White House in the West Wing to allow this to be happening, for him to even be talking about running for another term.

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The BBC has branded Charles’s Coronation ‘the strangest show in town’ – sparking backlash at royal correspondent Jonny Dymond

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Tips to Getting More Members Into Your Pilates Studio

depo 40+40 – https://we-spark.com/.

It's quite easy for a fitness studio to go unobserved in today's fast-paced market.

From advertisements to online ads, business owners are going to every extent to make their facilities memorable. That's why business promotion is important for your studio to catch people's attention and grow your business. Most importantly, it'll help your studio stand out from the crowd!

Here is a list of some classic and new-gen strategies that can help you promote your Pilates studio.

1. Offer Specialized Sessions

You can choose to offer different types of specialized classes to grow your customer base! This way, you're catering to a wide target audience and expanding your business's reach.

Here are some suggestions:

This is one of the great advertising ideas that can make your business gain a competitive edge. Offer parent-child sessions for a complete family experience! Parents can bond with their children while asking them to follow a practice that is good for their health and overall well-being.

  • Pilates for athletes

Pilates is found to be extremely effective when it comes to strengthening core muscles and preventing injuries. It also improves flexibility and overall well-being. Present the benefits to the public and utilize this session to entice new members who may not have thought about doing Pilates before!

  • Pilates for pregnant women

Another wonderful option is to organise a Pilates session exclusively for pregnant ladies. Generally, women think that they should stay away from physical exercises during pregnancy but actually, Pilates can be great for them.
It fortifies abdominal muscles and the pelvic area and communicates useful breathing techniques that could be useful during labor. Promote this class at your studio and bring in a new set of members.

2. Use Social Media

In today's internet era, if your studio is not actively present on social media, you are losing out on a big chunk of members.

Not only does it help in marketing your business to a huge set of audiences but it could also play a vital role in getting new members.

Upload useful and engaging content on social media like images of Pilates poses, interesting fitness tips, blogs and breathing techniques.
This will attract new members to your studio.

3. Invest in a Pilates Studio

A Pilates studio app can help you streamline your studio's activities with integrated payment solutions, an app for staff and members, automated marketing, online business promotion, and more.

Improve your attendance rates and rationalize your business with simple multi-channel booking options for your pilates studio. With varieties of automation systems to choose from, you can invite more members, fill up classes, and provide better service with advanced features to make booking easier.

4. Offer A Rewards Program

One of the most time-tested Pilates advertising concepts is to run a rewards program. This can help you keep your existing members for longer and collect new ones!

Offer every new member a loyalty card when they register for the Pilates session. Explain that points can be accrued through various activities such as having good attendance, buying merchandise, signing up for classes, or posting online reviews.

The idea is to give points for actions you want to boost. As clients notice that you value their time and effort, they get more of an incentive to stay. You can even use your Pilates studio app to run such a program.

5. Deliver An Experience

It is more than necessary for you to deliver an experience rather than just focusing on running classes.

And that experience should be one step ahead of what your competitors offer.

Most importantly, hire coaches who are specialists in their field and who your clients could easily connect with. Members will continue to attend sessions because they like the coach and his skills.
Allow your instructors to be imaginative and bring their own sense of ability to your studio.

Promoting your Pilates business smartly in today's fast-moving world is of great importance to make your studio stand out. The key is to do something appealing and exceptional to seek people's attention. The above-given ideas should help you move in the right direction!

With so many systems available to choose from, it becomes necessary to choose the best one that can help you manage your Pilates studio easily and effectively. You can even use your to run such a program.

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A major outage at content delivery network Cloudflare caused hundreds of websites across the internet to stop working and return a ‘500 Internal Server error’ message this morning

A major outage at content delivery network Cloudflare caused hundreds of websites across the internet to stop working and return a ‘500 Internal Server error’ message this morning. 

A content delivery network (CDN) is a distributed group of severs around the world that work in unison. Websites use these CDNs to deliver content from the cloud safely and as quickly as possible. 

Cloudflare is the most popular content delivery network by some margin, with around 10 per cent of all requests on the internet running through its servers. 

Websites affected by the and may have been affected by the issue, but it was also facing a surge in demand for journey information on the first day of rail strikes across Britain. 

Cloudflare acknowledged the issue in an update on its official account.

‘The Cloudflare team is aware of the current service issues and is working to resolve as quickly as possible,’ it stated.

The company implemented a fix at 08.20 BST (03:20 EDT) and posted an update on its service status page at 09:06 BST (04:06 EDT) claiming to have resolved the issue. 

Cloudflare acknowledged the issue in an update on its official Twitter account

Websites affected include Discord, Shopify, Fitbit, Peloton, Grindr, Ring, bet365, Google, NordVPN, JustEat and Ladbrokes, according to Downdetector.

The outage prompted many internet users to express their distress about ‘large chunks of the internet’ returning a 500 Internal Server Error message on social media. 

‘Did the internet just go down? Getting a 500 internal server error across several websites,’ wrote one Twitter user.

‘Downdetector is down, Discord is down, League of Legends Servers are down, Valorant is down. Huge internet outage happening,’ wrote another.

‘Half the internet is down because of some cloudflare issue giving a 500 server internal nginx error.

Pingu is taking over the world as we speak. Twitter is next. It’s over folks. Noot noot,’ wrote another.

‘And you thought the train strike was bad…’ said cybersecurity expert Graham Cluley.

‘When many websites are reliant on a single technology, there’s always the risk it may be a single point of failure.’

Jake Moore, Global Cybersecurity Advisor at ESET Internet Security told MailOnline: ‘There seems to be a problem with Cloudflare and a fix is being implemented but in the meantime users may be frustrated with the amount of services offline. 

‘It just goes to show how the majority of the internet still funnels through a small series of lines which puts major pressure on these platforms which are designed to offer protection and reliability. 

‘When problems occur, havoc can erupt in cyberspace.

Unfortunately, these are becoming more commonplace.’

Internet users took to Twitter to express their distress about ‘large chunks of the internet’ returning a 505 Internal Server Error

Moore explained: ‘Each request from a browser responds with a status.

When you visit a website and are met with a 500 Internal Server error message, it means there is a problem with the website. 

‘Usually no information is offered as to why but in more and more cases these days the problem lies with the content delivery network. 

‘CDNs are battling increasing traffic which is often the cause of outages.’ 

Cloudflare was quick to identify the issue and implement a fix. 

John Graham-Cumming, CTO of Cloudflare, said on a that it was not a worldwide outage, but ‘a lot of places’ were impacted.

‘Problem with our backbone.

We know what. Rollbacks etc. happening,’ he said.

The company has now published a  on its blog, stating that the outage affected traffic in 19 of its data centres, which together handle a significant proportion of its global traffic.

These data centres are located in Amsterdam, Atlanta, Ashburn, Chicago, Frankfurt, London, Los Angeles, Madrid, Manchester, Miami, Milan, Mumbai, Newark, Osaka, São Paulo, San Jose, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo.

In a statement sent to MailOnline this afternoon, Cloudflare confirmed that the outage ‘was not the result of an attack’. 

‘A network change in some of our data centres caused a portion of our network to be unavailable,’ a Cloudflare spokesperson said. 

‘Due to the nature of the incident, customers may have had difficulty reaching websites and services that rely on Cloudflare from approximately 0628-0720 UTC. 

‘Cloudflare was working on a fix within minutes, and the network is running normally now.’

Dark Souls have been at work: PETER HOSKIN reviews Souldiers –

Souldiers (, Xbox, Switch, PC, £15.99)

Verdict: Old made new


At first, Souldiers is like a warm hug from Father Time.

Its fantasy world is introduced with the sort of animated sequence that would have played at the start of an early-90s cartoon. Then, when it comes to the actual game, the sounds and graphics and reminiscent of that era, too; all bleeps and bloops and colourful pixels.

But soon, if you hadn’t already noticed from the name, it becomes clear that Souldiers has a more recent inspiration: 2011’s punishingly difficult Dark Souls. 

Even the simplest enemies you encounter, such as the spiders in the early caverns, demand a heightened level of concentration as you swipe, dodge, leap and counter.

At first, Souldiers is like a warm hug from Father Time.

Its fantasy world is introduced with the sort of animated sequence that would have played at the start of an early-90s cartoon

But soon, if you hadn’t already noticed from the name, it becomes clear that Souldiers has a more recent inspiration: 2011’s punishingly difficult Dark Souls

Even the simplest enemies you encounter, such as the spiders in the early caverns, demand a heightened level of concentration as you swipe, dodge, leap and counter

This might make Souldiers sound doubly derivative, but, weirdly, there’s a freshness to its particular mix. 

The old-timey-gaming half is invigorated by the additions from Dark Souls, such as the choice given to the player of different combat styles with which to tackle the game.

While the Soulslike stuff is made more charming by all the sparkle around it.

Which isn’t to say that the mix always works. There are times when the challenging gameplay of Souldiers becomes something else: unfair. 

The old-timey-gaming half is invigorated by the additions from Dark Souls, such as the choice given to the player of different combat styles

here are times when the challenging gameplay of Souldiers becomes something else: unfair.

You’ll be left cursing the 2D restrictions of its retro world after you’ve died for the 57th time to a monster born of modern, 3D sensibilities.

Still, this is the first game from its makers, an independent studio called Retro Forge, and it has more confidence and poise than many developers manage after dozens of releases.

So here’s to their future — and gaming’s past.

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Many kids need tutoring help. Only a small fraction get it

David Daniel knows his son needs help.

The 8-year-old spent first grade in and several weeks of second grade in quarantine.
The best way to catch him up, research suggests, is to tutor him several times a week during school.

But his Indianapolis school offers Saturday or after-school tutoring – programs that don´t work for Daniel, a single father.

The upshot is his son, , isn´t getting the tutoring he needs.

“I want him to have the help,” Daniel said. Without it, “next year is going to be really hard on him.”

As America´s schools confront , experts have held up intensive tutoring as the single best antidote.

Yet even as schools wield billions of dollars in federal COVID relief, a small fraction of students have received school tutoring, according to a survey of the nation´s largest districts by the nonprofit news organization Chalkbeat and The Associated Press.

In eight of 12 school systems that provided data, less than 10% of students received any type of district tutoring this fall.

To compare, in a federal survey, school officials said started this school year behind grade level in at least one subject.

A new tutoring corps in Chicago has served about 3% of students, officials said.
The figure was less than 1% in three districts: Georgia´s Gwinnett County, Florida´s Miami-Dade County, and Philadelphia, where the district reported only about 800 students were tutored. In those three systems alone, there were more than 600,000 students who spent no time in a district tutoring program this fall.

The startlingly low tutoring figures point to several problems.

Some parents said they didn´t know tutoring was available or . Some school systems have struggled to hire tutors. Other school systems said the small tutoring programs were intentional, part of an effort to focus on students with the greatest needs.

Whatever the reason, the impact is clear: At , millions of children have not received the academic equivalent of powerful medication.

“It works, it´s effective, it gets students to improve in their learning and catch up,” said Amie Rapaport, a University of Southern California researcher who has analyzed students´ access to intensive tutoring.

“So why isn´t it reaching them?”

The Indianapolis school district last year launched two tutoring programs that connect students with certified teachers over video. One is available to all students after school, while the other is offered during the day at certain low-performing schools.

District officials say a trial run boosted student test scores.

Parents give it high marks.

“The progress that he made in just a couple months last semester working with his tutor was kind of far beyond what he was grasping and doing at school,” said Jessica Blalack, whose 7-year-old, Phoenix, opted in to after-school tutoring.

Still, the two programs combined served only about 3,200 students last fall, or roughly 17% of students in district-run schools.

Two additional tutoring programs operate at a handful of schools.

Only 35% of the students who registered for after-school tutoring last fall attended more than one session, according to district data.

Indianapolis Public Schools spokesperson Marc Ransford said the district is working to improve attendance and hopes to enroll more students in tutoring next school year.

It´s also trying to accelerate student learning in other ways, including with a new curriculum and summer school.

Nationwide, schools report that about 10% of students multiple days a week, according to a federal survey from December.

The real number could be even lower: Just 2% of U.S. households say their children are getting that kind of intensive tutoring, according to the of a different nationally representative survey.

Schools trying to ramp up tutoring have run into roadblocks, including staffing and scheduling.

Experts say tutoring is most effective when provided three times a week for at least 30 minutes during school hours. Offering after-school or weekend tutoring is simpler, but turnout is often low.

Harrison Tran, a 10th grader in Savannah, Georgia, struggled to make sense of algebra during remote learning.

Last year, his high school offered after-school help. But that wasn´t feasible for Harrison, who lives 30 minutes from school and couldn´t afford to miss his ride home.

Without tutoring help, he started this school year with gaps in his learning.

“When I got into my Algebra II class, I was entirely lost,” he said.

Relatively low family interest has been another challenge.

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The disconnect makes it more important to offer tutoring during school, experts say.

“Parents just aren´t as concerned as we need them to be,” said USC education professor Morgan Polikoff, “if we´re going to have to rely on parents opting their kids into interventions.”

Even when students want help, some have been let down.

In Maryland´s Montgomery County, 12th grader Talia Bradley recently sought calculus help from a virtual tutoring company hired by the district.

But the problem she was struggling with also stumped the tutor. After an hour trying to sort it out, Talia walked away frustrated.

“My daughter was no farther along,” said Leah Bradley, her mother. “Having an option for online tutoring makes sense, but it can´t be the primary option if you´re looking for good results.”

Repeated in-person tutoring tends to be more effective than on-demand online help, but it´s also harder to manage.

District rules add complexity, with safeguards like tutor background checks and vendor bidding rules slowing the process.

In Wake County, North Carolina, the school district began planning a reading tutoring program last summer.
The program did not launch until November, and district officials last month said volunteers are tutoring fewer than 140 students – far fewer than the 1,000 students the program was designed to reach.

“We´re always looking to serve more students,” said Amy Mattingly, director of K-12 programs at Helps Education Fund, the nonprofit managing that program and another serving about 400 students.

But, she added, it´s important to “see what´s working and make tweaks before trying to scale up.”

Some districts defended their participation numbers, saying tutoring is most effective when targeted.

In Georgia´s Fulton County, 3% of the district´s 90,000 students participated in tutoring programs this fall.

Most of the tutoring was offered by paraprofessionals during the school day, with one hired to give intense support in each elementary school.

The district says time and staffing limit how many students can get frequent, intensive tutoring.

“We don´t want to water it down, because then you don´t get the impact that the research says is beneficial for kids,” said Cliff Jones, chief academic officer for the system.

Others worry too few are getting the help they need even as programs continue to grow.

This school year, about 3,500 students are getting reading tutoring from the North Carolina Education Corps.

Meanwhile, in fourth grade alone, more than 41,000 students statewide scored in the bottom level on a national reading test last year.

“Who we are serving,” said Laura Bilbro-Berry, the program´s senior director, “is just a drop in the bucket.”


The Associated Press education team receives support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York.

The AP is solely responsible for all content.

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Campaigners call out Government's gambling tsar

googls – http://golole.com;

The boss of the Government’s gambling regulator has not been to a high street betting shop and has been to just one casino since taking up his role a year ago.

Andrew Rhodes has also not made any visits to online gambling companies since beginning his £150,000-a-year job in June 2021.

Will Prochaska, from Gambling With Lives, a charity that supports families bereaved by gambling-related suicide, said last night: ‘It’s concerning that the chief executive of the Gambling Commission has held regular meetings with CEOs of gambling companies and industry lobbyists, but hasn’t yet found the time to visit a betting shop where he would be able to witness the damage this industry does.

‘Neither has he yet made time to hold a meeting with bereaved families who have been requesting one for over six months.

Andrew Rhodes CEO of Gambling Commission  is responsible for protecting the vulnerable from gambling-related harm

Someone takes their life because of gambling every day in England alone, and it should worry us all that the regulator of the industry that causes those deaths spends more time listening to industry CEOs than he does to those most harmed.’

The Gambling Commission is responsible for regulating betting firms, advising the Government on gambling-related issues and protecting the vulnerable from gambling-related harm.

Mr Rhodes was officially made the chief executive last month after serving an interim year in the role.

In that time, he has visited just one bingo hall and two adult gaming centres.

The commission, which regulates arcades, betting, bingo, casinos, slot machines and lotteries as well as remote gambling, said visits had been affected by the pandemic.

However, it added that Mr Rhodes and other executives ‘meet operators on a regular basis as well as groups representing bettors and those affected by gambling harm’.

It said: ‘A programme of engagement for the next 12 months is already under way.’

But Matt Zarb-Cousin, director of the campaign group Clean Up Gambling, called for him to pay more trips to locations where people gamble.

He added: ‘The chief executive of the Gambling Commission and other MPs who are supportive of the industry should go and see these places for themselves and not be taken on sanitised guided tours by the public affairs representatives of gambling companies.’

Details of Mr Rhodes’s visits were provided by the Government in answer to a parliamentary question from Tory MP Philip Davies, who was paid almost £50,000 to advise a gambling firm in 2019.

It also revealed that Mr Rhodes had met online gambling operators nine times and trade body representatives on 13 occasions.

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Ron DeSantis goes after Biden and Trump in his first Iowa appearance

Ron slammed President Joe Biden for laughing at a mom who lost her children to fentanyl overdose and then went after Donald Trump’s COVID response in his first appearance in Iowa – as his presidential campaign announcement looms. 

The Republican governor of Florida  next year.

In his remarks, DeSantis went after two of his biggest foes: Trump, who would be his greatest obstacle in the race for the GOP presidential nomination, and Biden, whom he would likely battle if becoming the Republican nominee.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, in his first trip to Iowa, emphasized his ‘anti-woke’ agenda that included his rejection of COVID restrictions, battles over education policy and a hard-line stance on immigration

He criticized Biden for the two sons of Rebecca Kiessling,. DeSantis said Biden ‘doesn’t care’ and spoke of the mothers he’s had to comfort in Florida. 

And while he didn’t mention Trump by name, he decried the federal response to the COVID pandemic, which started under Trump’s presidency and continued under Biden’s.

The ballroom of 1,500 people greeted the Republican governor of Florida with multiple rounds of applause during his speech, where he emphasized his ‘anti-woke’ agenda that included his rejection of COVID restrictions, battles over education policy and a hard-line stance on immigration.

‘We will never surrender to the woke mob,’ DeSantis said at the Rhythm City Casino Resort in the eastern Iowa city of Davenport.

‘Our state is where the woke mob goes to die.’

That message has made him a popular figure among conservatives. 

DeSantis bragged – to great applause – how Florida flouted the pandemic-era restrictions and mocked Dr.
Athony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases who served as the face of the pandemic.

‘During COVID, the world lost its mind, when common sense suddenly became an uncommon virtue, the state of Florida stood as a refuge of sanity,’ he said.

‘We were a citadel of freedom for people all over this country and even around the world that would come.’

‘We refused to let our state descend into some sort of Faucian dystopia where people’s livelihoods were destroyed and their freedoms were curtailed.
No, we chose freedom over Fauci-ism.’

‘We were right. And they were wrong,’ he added as the crowd cheered him.

Rebecca Kiessling, a mother from Michigan who lost two sons to fentanyl poisoning, wipes away tears during her testimony 

Kiessling’s sons Caleb and Kyler died in 2020 when they were 18 and 20 after taking a pill that they did not know was laced with fentanyl 

He was more blunt in his criticism of Biden, mentioning the letter he sent the president asking him to allow Novak Djokovic, the world’s No.

1 tennis player, into Florida to play in this month’s Miami Open even though Djokovic refuses to be vaccinated for COVID.

‘I have said if Djokovic wants to meet us in the Bahamas, we’ll get him over here by boat get him to the state of Florida so he can compete,’ he said.

And he was harshly critical of Biden ‘for from Republican Congresswoman  that he ‘killed’ the two sons of Rebecca Kiessling.

Her sons Caleb and Kyler died in 2020 before Biden took office after taking what they thought were pain killers, but that were laced with fentanyl.

‘Mothers that I have to console in Florida that lose a child because of what’s going on at the border is a disgrace that this is happening,’ DeSantis noted. 

‘Here’s the thing: when they laced fentanyl in this stuff, these are kids, you know, teenagers, those in their early 20s, they may have made a decision that wasn’t the best decision, but they had no idea what they were getting.’

‘Biden doesn’t care.

He laughed at that mother. Did you see that? If you liked this article and also you would like to collect more info with regards to olympus mania nicely visit the internet site. He laughed at that mother who lost two, who lost a child because of fentanyl,’ he added.

White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, at the time, said Biden had expressed ‘sympathy’ and that his words were ‘mischaracterized.’ 

Greene claimed the boys died due to Biden administration policies and Biden chuckled when he talked about that.

Kiessling demanded an apology but the White House wouldn’t say if the president would give her one.

The ballroom at the Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport, Iowa, was packed with around 1,500 people to see Ron DeSantis

DeSantis, in his remarks, emphasized his conservative credentials and his success in Florida, where he easily won a second term as governor last year.  

Trump, in a post on his Truth Social platform on Friday, criticized DeSantis in one of his favorite ways – giving him a derogatory nickname and mocking his crowd size.

 ‘Very small crowds for Ron DeSanctimonious in Iowa.

He’s against Farmers, Social Security, and Medicare, so why would people show up – other than Fake stories from the Fake News!,’ the former president wrote.

Jean-Pierre also went after DeSantis on Friday in her White House press briefing.

She said of his ‘anti-woke’ agenda, particularly against LGBTQ youth: ‘It is just hate.
And it is shameful, it is shameful. And we’re going to call it out and like I said the president is going to continue to say we have the back of that community, or any vulnerable community.’

DeSantis was greeted with like a rock star in Davenport and, after his remarks, spent several minutes working the rope line, shaking hands and signing books. 

The friendly crowded cheered him when he mentioned flying migrants from Texas to Martha’s Vineyard and booed the Walt Disney company when DeSantis talked about how he battled the theme park giant over a law banning gender and sexuality instruction to young school children.

‘I’m sick of elites who are imposing their vision on open borders on you and on us.

Then not having to face the consequences of it. So we thought it was worth it to send 50 illegals to Martha’s Vineyard,’ the governor noted.

‘They said they were a sanctuary city. They claim that nobody was illegal and all are welcome.
But you know what they did? They deported on the next day. They called out the army to deport it just 50 of them. Just think what’s going on at the border with our border towns.’

The crowd gave him a huge round of applause. 

Iowa Gov.

Kim Reynolds joined Ron DeSantis at his Iowa stop

After his remarks, Ron DeSantis stayed to talk to the crowd and sign copies of his book 

Iowa will be a crucial test for the Florida governor should he run for president. 

The state will hold the first Republican nominating contest early next year and, if DeSantis could beat Trump in its caucuses, it would show .

DeSantis has made no formal announcement about his 2024 plans but he has indicated privately that he intends to run for president, two people familiar with his comments told  

He has long been seen as .

His trip to Iowa comes three days before Trump visits the state to campaign there in his first visit since announcing his 2024 bid. Nikki Haley, who also has announced a presidential campaign, is in the middle of a three-day Iowa campaign swing.

Trump has deep ties to the state – thanks to his previous two presidential campaigns – and is popular there.

But a new  shows his support is starting to erode: the percentage of Iowa Republicans who say they would ‘definitely’ vote for him if he were the 2024 nominee has plummeted by more than 20 points since June 2021.

The poll also found Trump and DeSantis are on par when it comes to approval in the state: 44% of voters approve of Trump with 42% approving DeSantis.

Both are about 20 points ahead of Haley.

The Florida governor heads to Nevada on Saturday – another important early voting state in the Republican presidential primary.

The trips – including one to the Ronald Reagan presidential library in Simi Valley, California last week – are part of DeSantis’ effort to build his national profile, introduce himself to voters, and connect with donors ahead of an expected presidential announcement.

DeSantis allies don’t expect him to announce a presidential bid until after the Florida state legislative session ends in May. 

But, already, a super PAC has been formed that could be a boost to his presidential campaign. Never Back Down will be run by Ken Cuccinelli, who served as acting director of U.S.

Citizenship and Immigration Services during the Trump administration, and Chris Jankowski, a veteran GOP operative.

All of DeSantis’ recent moves point to his presidential ambitions and those close to him told the Post that the governor is talking about a campaign without any caveats that would suggest he’s still deciding.

Former Presidential Donald Trump will visit Iowa on Monday – his first visit to the state since announcing he will run again in 2024

Nikki Haley is in the middle of a three-day Iowa tour – above she campaigns in Nevada, Iowa

In late February, DeSantis held a private, three-day retreat in Palm Beach – where Trump resides in Florida – with several prominent Republicans, many of whom backed the former president.

The event, billed as a celebration of his policies for the state he refers to as the ‘Florida blueprint,’ also served as a way to connect him to donors and powerbrokers in the party. 

He also recently published a book: The Courage to Be Free: ‘s Blueprint for America’s Revival.

He is pitching his policies in Florida as a ‘blueprint’ for the nation.

His events in Iowa and Nevada are tied to that book tour, which many see as a precursor to a presidential campaign.

Iowa, famous for its retail politics, will also be a test of DeSantis’ campaign abilities.

The governor has faced  that he lacks charm and seems unwilling to commit to the hours of glad-handling and schmoozing it takes to campaign. 

In Iowa, face time counts.

Presidential candidates are expected to make multiple trips, visit nearly every county in the state, and do extensive retail campaigning.

That strategy gave early boosts to other Republicans in past presidential primaries: Mike Huckabee in 2008, Rick Santorum in 2012 and Ted Cruz in 2016.

Cruz beat Trump in the caucuses in the 2016 primary.

From left: Madison DeSantis, 6; first lady Casey DeSantis; Mason DeSantis, 4; and Gov.

Ron DeSantis hold their hand over their hearts as they recite the Pledge of Allegiance at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California on Sunday, March 5, 2023 

Trump lashed out at DeSantis for the trip, accusing him of trying to ‘kill ethanol’ – an important issue to Iowa farmers.

‘Why on earth (farmer’s love earth!) would the wonderful people of the GREAT State of Iowa vote for Ron DeSanctimonious when he voted and fought to KILL Ethanol (and will definitely do so if given the chance),’ Trump wrote on his Truth Social website Thursday night.

‘He will be in Iowa on Friday to beg for mercy.

I supported Ethanol, FIRED NAFTA, & made USMCA & China Trade Deals!’

While in Congress in 2017, DeSantis co-sponsored legislation that would have immediately ended the Renewable Fuel Standard, a mandate that requires renewable fuel to be blended into the nation’s fuel supply.

One of those requirements is met by corn starch ethanol.

Iowa produces more corn than any other state.

Trump will be in Davenport on Monday to outline his education plan and take questions from voters. It’s his first visit to the state since he announced he’s running for president again.

He clearly sees DeSantis as a threat – giving him the derogatory nickname ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ and accusing him of wanting to cut Medicare and Social Security benefits. 

DeSantis visited the Rhythm City Casino Resort in Davenport and then the Iowa State Fairgrounds, a traditional destination for presidential candidates. 

He’ll also make a stop in Des Moines between his public events to meet with a small group of Republican lawmakers. 

In Las Vegas on Saturday, DeSantis will visit Stoney’s Rockin’ Country with Adam Laxalt, a longtime friend who was the GOP nominee for Senate in Nevada last year.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis greets attendees and signs copies of his book 


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ANALYSIS-Record numbers of Chinese graduates enter worst job market…

By Martin Quin Pollard

BEIJING, June 23 (Reuters) – Jenny Bai was among 10 high-performing computer science students from different Chinese universities selected by a Beijing-based internet firm for a job upon graduation, following four rounds of arduous interviews.

But last month, the company told the students their contract offers were cancelled due to COVID-19 headwinds and the bad state of the economy in general – obstacles facing a record 10.8 million Chinese university graduates this summer.

“I’m worried,” said Bai, who graduated this month and did not want to name the firm to stay on good terms.

“If I can’t find a job, I’m not sure what I’ll do.”

China’s COVID restrictions have battered an economy already slowing due to a property market downturn, geopolitical worries and regulatory crackdowns on tech, education, and other sectors.

A cohort of graduates larger than the entire population of Portugal is about to enter one of China’s worst job markets in decades at a time when youth unemployment is already more than three times China’s overall joblessness rate, at a record 18.4%.

There is no script for how such high youth unemployment will affect Chinese society.

Struggling to find jobs goes against what educated young people have come to expect after decades of breakneck growth, and is awkward for China’s stability-obsessed Communist Party, especially in a year when President Xi Jinping is expected to secure a precedent-breaking third leadership term.

“The social contract between the government and the people was you stay out of politics and we will guarantee that every year you’ll do better than last year,” said Michael Pettis, Professor of Finance at Peking University.

“So the concern is that once that guarantee breaks apart, what else has to change?”


Premier Li Keqiang has said stabilising the job market for graduates is a top government priority.

If you have almost any queries relating to where by as well as the way to use https://studydance.me, you possibly can contact us in our own web-site. Companies granting internship posts to new graduates will receive subsidies, on top of other perks aimed at boosting employment in general.

Some regional governments have offered cheap loans to graduates looking to launch their own businesses. State-backed firms are expected to pick up some of the slack in private sector entry-level jobs.

Rockee Zhang, Managing Director for Greater China at recruitment firm Randstad, says China’s entry-level jobs market was worse even than during the 2008-09 global financial crisis, estimating new jobs falling 20-30% from last year.

“This year is a low point, the lowest I´ve seen,” said Zhang, who has been a recruiter for two decades.

Expected salaries are also 6.2% lower, according to Zhilian Zhaopin, another recruitment firm.

China’s Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Education did not respond to requests for comment.

The tech sector has been a significant employer of many Chinese graduates, but this year the industry is trimming its workforce, recruiters say.

A regulatory crackdown prompted many of China’s tech giants including Tencent and Alibaba to make massive job cuts.

A combined total of tens of thousands have lost their jobs in the sector this year, five tech industry sources told Reuters.

Job cuts varied among China’s roughly ten biggest tech companies, but almost all cut at least 10% of their staff, with some, including iQIYI cutting far more, according to a report published in April by Shanghai-based Talent Assessment and Management Consulting group NormStar.

The companies did not respond to requests for comment.

In April, a nine-month freeze on online gaming licenses over violent content and other issues was lifted, during which time 14,000 firms in the industry shut.

Private education, another sector which drew regulatory scrutiny, parted with tens of thousands of workers as well.

The largest firm in the industry, New Oriental, has announced 60,000 layoffs.

New hiring is slow. A human resources manager at a Tencent business unit, who asked not to be named as they were not allowed to speak to the media, said they were looking to hire “a few dozen” new graduates, compared with about 200 a year previously.

“Internet companies have cut tonnes of jobs,” said Julia Zhu of recruitment firm Robert Walters.
“If they have the financial resources to bring people in they are now opting for more experienced candidates rather than fresh graduates.”

Jason Wang, a Beijing-based headhunter who has worked mostly with tech companies in recent years, is now recruiting mainly for state-backed telecommunication firms.

“The golden age of internet companies´ hiring sprees has ended,” Wang said.

In China, being jobless for some time after graduation is typically frowned upon by employers.

Many families see it as a humiliation rather than bad luck with the economy.

Taking blue-collar jobs after getting a university degree also often draws disapproval, so to avoid long gaps in their CVs, record numbers are applying for post-graduate studies, official data show.

Vicente Yu graduated in 2021 but has been unemployed since losing his job at a media company late last year.

His savings will cover another month or two of rent and basic expenses in the southern city of Guangzhou.

“My dad said you should never come home again, he said he should have raised a dog instead of me,” said the 21-year-old, who has been struggling with anxiety and sleep problems.

He spends his nights on social media platforms, where he finds other young people in similar situations.

“I look at all those people who are like me, who couldn’t find a job, and get some solace from it.”

(Additional reporting by Ellen Zhang, Yingzhi Yang, Brenda Goh, Sophie Yu and the Beijing Newsroom; Editing by Marius Zaharia and Lincoln Feast)

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